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Its been a while since I posted anything but I've been lurking and wanted to share some pics from a photo shoot I did the other day with woodssteam. We took advantage of the heavy snow in town to do some "Gangs of New York" style poses. What I great chance to dust off the topper and pull out the sashes...

I could say I was grimacing dramatically but I was just cold...
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Sherlock Holmes Outing

Well, the Absinthe & Iron gathering was snowed out. But there is another opportunity for people to get together in their steampunk finery.

The Sherlock Holmes movie.

I am going to propose a gathering on the evening of either New Year's or the day after (the 1st or Saturday the 2nd) at the Loews Waterfront with either din...ner before or after at the Longhorn Steakhouse. If we gather early enough and the lighting is good enough, there are some photographic opportunities at a hot metal rail engine (near Dave & Busters), at the Gantry or next to the stacks. Discuss the possibility here or by joining the Steampunk Empire discussion at      
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Windycon report

I attended Windycon, a military science fiction convention that was taken over by steampunks last weekend. You can read my postings at the Steampunk Empire ning.

Pictures from the con are available:

And finally, I will be attending Steel City Con in Monroeville in two weeks.
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Project Assistance

I have built a steampunk lightsaber and wish to add a power generator to it. Much like the electric foils created by Agatha Heterodyne on the "Girl Genius" comic.

I could build something from scratch but I think it would end up looking like I built it from Home Depot. A little too contemporary. My grandfather used to have several electric space heaters that would have been a terrific foundation but we threw them away years ago because they were inherently dangerous. I have been looking at flea markets for something similar but have, so far, been unsuccessful in finding something similar.

So, if my neighbors in the Pittsburgh area could add their assistance. . . if you find something similar to these space heaters but 50 years older, and cheap because they don't need to actually work, I would be appreciative.

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Im looking to buy a steam whistle like from a train, If you find one at a good price let me know.

I found one i want on ebay, even has a buy it now! but my check wont clear in time to bid on it! DAMN IT!

Fiend Magazine's Steampunk Issue

So hear is the issue of Fiend Magazine from Australia that I recently discovered... a great goth outlet for those down under regarding fashion and what not... in issue #18 they did a Steampunk theme and I've taken the liberty of purchasing, scanning and posting just a bit of what they're doing 'down under' as is were...

Follow after the cut for more... hope you all enjoy...

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Salutations Steampunkers

Hello folks, I come to you offering news of mine and a friends attempt to start up an active community for Pittsburgh Steampunkers, meaning costumes, outings, gatherings in person and suchlike. Perhaps even a chance to obtain that goal of a steampunk convention right here in pittsburgh. It's only a start, we've barely got anything other than ourselves and a few friends in it yet, but the more the merrier and we're considering doing a recruiting meet and greet and a show on August 22nd, I believe it was. There is a 5 dollar show called the Serious Comedy Show at the Benedum, we thought perhaps we could gather somewhere, in costumes of our likings, hang about, perhaps get drinks or even a meal, and then attend the show.

Here is the link to our very precursory forum, hope you folks will join!

Thanks for your time!

Jessica Venar
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