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Salutations Steampunkers

Hello folks, I come to you offering news of mine and a friends attempt to start up an active community for Pittsburgh Steampunkers, meaning costumes, outings, gatherings in person and suchlike. Perhaps even a chance to obtain that goal of a steampunk convention right here in pittsburgh. It's only a start, we've barely got anything other than ourselves and a few friends in it yet, but the more the merrier and we're considering doing a recruiting meet and greet and a show on August 22nd, I believe it was. There is a 5 dollar show called the Serious Comedy Show at the Benedum, we thought perhaps we could gather somewhere, in costumes of our likings, hang about, perhaps get drinks or even a meal, and then attend the show.

Here is the link to our very precursory forum, hope you folks will join! http://steelcitysteampunksociety.lefora.com/forum/

Thanks for your time!

Jessica Venar
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